Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

The fusion between the Virtual and the Augmented (Mixed) Reality is changing people’s lifestyle, as well as companies’ features, functioning, and relationship with the world and with customers.

With Augmented Reality (AR) solutions you get the chance to enrich your world with unique experience since this technology enhances the reality with additional digital content from images to a real time data.

With Virtual Reality (VR) solutions you get the chance to enter the virtual reality environment and to experience immersion, or the feeling of being inside and a part of that world. You are also able to interact with this environment in meaningful ways.

Use of AR and VR technologies is manifold from entertainment, tourism, health, publishing, marketing, automotive and many more…


Custom AR Solutions

Custom made AR solutions

We create imaginative Augmented Reality applications that will fit the needs of our clients. Our custom made solutions are easy-to-manage and simple-to-use. 


ARgenie web tool provides powerful and simple way to deliver unique „augmented“ experiences through creation of Augmented Reality applications using templates, for any platform.

Visit ARgenie website.

Create AR apps with ARgenie

Virtual Reality

With our Virtual Reality solutions step into a new world of 3D computer-generated and animated scenes or 360° videos of real life locations.

The possibilities of Virtual Reality are endless and bring many advantages, such as:

  • Fully immersive experience
  • Powerful way of storytelling
  • Cost-effective prototyping
  • Faster learning and more effective trainings etc.
Augmented Reality Games


We create the next generation of games providing new experiences to the player: fun or serious, enriched with both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.