“Citizens’ observatories” for air quality monitoring

  • Development of sensor based citizens’ observatories for the life quality improvement in cities
  • Deployment and evaluation of platforms with cheap gas sensors for air quality distributed monitoring covering all locations of interest for citizens
  • Active citizens’ participation in data collection and decision making to realise the better quality of life

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Project duration: September 2012 - 2016

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Pilot installation of public services through use of cloud computing

  • Pilot installation of public services in a “cloud” in the city of Novi Sad
  • Development and deployment of a platform for use of innovative services in a public sector which will enable cooperation of the state sector with citizens and legal entities in a more efficient way along with additional fund savings
  • Safe "cloud computing" infrastructure will enable the Protection of Information of Public Importance as well as the Personal Data Protection

Project duration: February 2014 - 2016

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Entropy | DunavNET

Entropy  integrates technologies that facilitate the deployment of innovative energy aware IT ecosystems for motivating end-users’ behavioral changes towards energy consumption reduction in buildings via:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) for interconnecting numerous devices
  • Advanced Data Modelling and Analysis techniques for realization of semantic models and knowledge extraction
  • Recommendation and Gamification to increase end users’ awareness and adopt energy efficient lifestyles

Project duration: September 2015 – 2018 

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FI-content 2


Crossroads of content, media, networks and creativity

  • Merging of physical and virtual worlds through creative multiplayer games
  • Development of AR based games through implementation of algorithms for object detection, localisation and tracking in real time
  • Tools development for easy creation of games
  • Development of games similar to Avatar with various missions and enabling interactions with real data on location, weather conditions, air pollution, etc.

Project duration: May 2014 - September 2015

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Promotion of smart energy usage and sustainable resources through creative games

  • Creative games platform that promotes energy efficiency improvements
  • Development of serious games with creative missions that promote efficient energy usage through visualisation of energy production and consumption and use of real data
  • Use of the augmented reality concept to extract needed data based either on user location or through use of markers

Project duration: May 2014 - September 2015

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IoT Lab

IoT Lab

Crowdsourced experimental environment

  • Platform for crowdsourced multidisciplinary experiments

  • Voluntary participants can initiate, run or just take part in a selected experiment and thus contribute to the new research
  • Collection, processing and transmission of required data/information with garanteed data and privacy protection

Project duration: October 2013 - 2016

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irrigNET | DunavNET

Innovative service enabling food producers to improve crops production by optimizing irrigation process using the data from the field, current weather conditions and weather forecast to create an „irrigation“ recipe. The results are:

  • efficient irrigation using IoT technologies
  • Yields and crop quality improvement
  • Rational water consumption
  • Reduction of harmful effects on land

Project duration: Jun 2015 - February 2016


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Mobility and transport digital wallet

  • Development of an interoperable fare management for sustainable urban transport
  • Purchase of public transport tickets via smart phone with options for travel planning, information on arrival times etc.
  • Pilot in Novi Sad will enable combining the bus transport service with a ‘rent a bike’ service providing at the same time an access to information about the major tourist landmarks

Project duration: 2014 - 2016

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Privacy Flag

Privacy Flag | DunavNET

Crowdsourcing-based solution enabling end-users to better protect their privacy.

  • User-friendly tools for interacting with websites, smartphone applications and the Internet of Things
  • Highly scalable privacy monitoring and protection solution
  • Building a global knowledge database of identified privacy risks, together with online services to support companies and other stakeholders in becoming privacy-friendly
  • Working in close interaction with standardization bodies

Project duration: 2015 - 2018

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Secure and smarter cities data management

  • Development of a distributed framework to enable smart and secure sharing of large volumes of heterogeneous data for use in smart-city applications of high importance for the city and its citizens
  • End-to-end security and trust in information delivery with the minimal load on system resources
  • Evaluation of the city transport system through engagement of travellers with smart phones who will forward information of importance to the system on a voluntary basis and with option to remain anonymous

Project duration: September 2013 - 2016

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Creating a socially aware and citizen-centric Internet of Things!

  • Bringing people and their smart devices into a trusted, reliable and secure ecosystem of IoT devices, information flows and services that facilitate citizens’ everyday life
  • Some examples are: guardian - children and elderly monitoring application, watering of community green surfaces, public reporting of community problems

Project duration: September 2013 - 2016

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Aiming to enable mass market products to join IoT world by combining functional ink technology, printed NFC, crowd sourced secure scanners and cloud based data analytics. TagItSmart project is a part of  the IoT European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI).

  • Functional ink will be used to print QR codes with embedded ability to sense temperature, humidity, elapsed time etc. which combined with printed NFC will give not only the unique identity to each item, but also ability to understand the environment and the context of the item throughout the product lifetime
  • Smart phones and smart glasses based scanning, combined with appropriate incentives will facilitate involvement of consumers in the process giving them additional information and services related to the item they are using, while at the same time providing valuable information to the manufacturers about how their products are used

January 2016 – January 2019

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User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 

  • Combining complementary RRI-SSH expertise encompassing social and economic sciences, communication, crowdsourcing, living labs, co-creative workshops, meetups, and personal data protection to actively engage end-users and citizens in the large scale pilots 
  • Developing toolkit for LSPs end-user engagement and adoption 
  • Providing direct support and making recommendations for tackling IoT adoption barriers, including educational needs and sustainability models for LSPs and future IoT pilots’ deployment in Europe 

Project duration: 2017 - 2020

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WeLive | DunavNET

Design and piloting of smart city platform enabling active citizen participation and establishment of smart city service market.

  • ICT-enabled Open and Collaborative Government
  • Transformation from the current e-government approach into we-government
  • Open Data, Open Services and Open Innovation tools

Project duration: February 2015 - 2018

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