Research and Innovation

Innovative applications, products and services

Our focus is on innovative applications, products and services that will improve people’s lives. Hence, our research team makes an effort to provide solid grounds for development of innovative solutions from provision of ideas to design of systems, interfaces and infrastructures that will play a pivotal role in enabling envisioned future products.

Specification and design of IoT infrastructures

The scope of our research includes specification and design of IoT infrastructures for various applications; security aspects of the IoT systems; crowd sourcing IoT systems; community supportive IoT infrastructures, IoT based environmental monitoring, energy efficiency management, transport system management, merging real and virtual world through serious games etc...

Enabling a new smarter and sustainable world

Through research projects we closely collaborate with leading academic, research and industrial partners having expertise in different areas but all having the same mission towards enabling a new smarter and sustainable world that responds to people’s needs and enhances their lives.

Research and Innovation