The company is well established in a domain of application of the mobile technology in Future Internet, M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Internet of Things Solutions

IoT Solutions

Design and implementation of novel and advanced applications and solutions based on IoT and M2M concepts in combination with mobile and cloud based services are our main research and development interests since our goal is enabling creation of smart and sustainable eco-systems.

Our innovative IoT solutions are divided into two main groups: cityNET solutions - solutions for Smart Cities and agroNET solutions - Solutions for Smart Agriculture. Additionally, we make custom solutions based on IoT technology for our clients.

Augmented Reality Solutions

AR/VR Solutions

With our AR/VR solutions a whole new dimension of the world can be discovered. We create unique, augmented ad virtual reality solutions that can be used in various industries, e.g. marketing industry, education, health, publishing, retail etc.

We “augment” the games we create, we customize our AR solutions to fit our client's needs, and for those who wish to make their own AR application we came out with ARgenie - an intuitive platform for developing Augmented Reality based applications.

With Virtual Reality (VR) solutions you get the chance to enter the virtual reality environment and to experience immersion, or the feeling of being inside and a part of that world. You are also able to interact with this environment in meaningful ways.